Wootton Wawen (Spring cleaning in summer)

As we aren’t meeting my brothers and sister until Friday we have plenty of time to get to Stratford.  We took it easy on Tuesday travelling four miles down six locks to Wootton Wawen.  I had a double take when I saw this sheep.

Karen had to climb on board this CRT boat to get a picture of the stanking planks as they weren’t visible from the tow path.  I had seen them when I cruised past.

Karen did some spring cleaning in the afternoon and baked the weekly cake – this week’s is an apple cake.  I caught up on some of the paint jobs on the roof.

Looks like we won’t be buying tomatoes for a while as we have seven plants at different stages so they should keep us in tomatoes over the summer months.  Karen is beginning to get worried about her flowers as we are off on our annual family camping trip to the Yorkshire Dales in a couple of weekends.  We always look for sunny spots to moor but really we need a really shady place so the plants have less chance of drying out.  We have been marking likely spots on our map so we can male our way back after the weekend celebrations in Stratford.

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