Back aboard - where next?

Well, that was a hectic few days back home - grass and hedge cutting for me with help from Jojo, Lauren and Lewis.

Despite not stopping we had a lot of fun - Jojo was with us most of the time; Lauren & Lewis came down for a couple of nights followed by Sophie and Yanos. Catherine also came back for a couple of days and took us back to the boat yesterday.

Today will be a bit of a planning day.  Cat's graduation is next Monday so we may go down the River Soar to Loughborough and then come back to Nottingham for the celebrations.

Following that, Liz, my youngest brother's wife, is performing in a play in the open air RSC theatre in Stratford over the last weekend of July.  It has built up to quite a family event with my parents coming down from Yorkshire and my sister and two brothers coming along for the weekend with their families.  This will be the first time we have been together since Karen and I got married in 2009.

We feel it would be good to take the boat back down to Stratford then we don't have to worry about getting back home to get a car etc.  Also, any of our children will have somewhere to stay if they can make the play.  We have two weeks to do this and as Sophie and Yanos are coming to Cat's graduation and staying with us they will hang on a few more days and cruise some of the way with us.

Back to full blog entry tomorrow I suspect.

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