Friday was Catherine’s birthday so we had a birthday breakfast and then she opened her presents.  Birthday breakfast included a Nutella cake that Karen had cooked the day before.   

We went for a cruise to find somewhere safe to leave the boat for a few days.  As Catherine lives locally she is being left in charge of watering the plants whilst we are away.  We went up one lock and had an embarrassing moment on the exit as we were pulled onto the overflow sluice – fortunately there was a pub on the lock and plenty of guys came over to help the girls push us off.  Here’s Jo waiting for Karen and Cat to close the gates before opening her paddles.

I can’t remember what had been said here but I was obviously protesting my innocence and the girls found it funny.

At Nottingham marina we passed a couple of steam boats and after we moored up for the day they passed us full of passengers obviously having fun.

We went for a walk down to Beeston lock as Catherine had never been there even though she has lived in Beeston for four years.

We then walked to Catherine’s house to get the car and drive back to the boat to prepare to leave it for a few days (there will be no blog entries for five days or so).

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