Attacking the rust in Kegworth

As no rain was forecast for Friday we thought we would start sorting out the rust spots on the roof.  Firstly we walked the two miles into Kegworth to have a look around. We had to walk through a few cow fields so had to keep Buddy on the lead.  Whenever we have passed things like cows or other dogs we can let him off the lead; for some reason he never looks or runs back to things.

Kegworth has a market square and not a lot else…

…other than this rather sweet named road – just as well the apostrophe was in the right place - it would be sad to think of a single lover walking down here..

The stiles in this area are rather strange metal affairs.

When we got back to the boat we realised that we had chosen a really nice spot to moor.

Whilst having lunch one of the steam powered boats we had seen in Nottingham last week came past.

We spent the afternoon cleaning the roof, rubbing down the rust spots and treating them.

Buddy, as usual, just slept.

Catherine came over in the evening and Karen cooked a really nice crispy Greek filo pastry pie with spinach, feta and sun dried tomatoes (Our boat friends Jan and Gordon intoduced it to us when we were back home).  Next time Karen will add garlic and shallots.

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