Visit to Acton Bridge

We needed a break from our visit back home so stayed on the boat for a few days this week.  Part of clearing out our house in order to let it was finding somewhere to store all our camping gear.  As we tend to camp in the Yorkshire Dales near my parents they agreed to store it all at their house so on Wednesday we paid a visit to the Dales to dump all the camping gear.  We had a lovely time with my parents and after a good pub lunch went for a walk to Gordale Scar where we normally camp. This is me and my Dad at the waterfalls at the top end of the campsite.

This is where we normally camp but no sign of tents at this time of year!

This is Janet's Foss at the bottom end of the camp site where the children usually swim.

On Thursday we went for a walk along the River Weaver which runs parallel to where we are presently moored on the Trent & Mersey.  

Once at the river we could look back up to where the canal runs behind the hedge at the top of the embankment.  There was a breach in this embankment at the end of 2014 that caused the canal to be closed for nearly five months last winter whilst it was repaired.  The breach was at the pale bit to the left of centre where all the trees are missing.

These are Dutton locks on the River Weaver complete with semaphore signals that are still used to indicate which of the pair of locks should be used.

Walking along the Weaver is particularly pleasant as there are few roads that cross it so it is very peaceful.  A lot of rubbish had collected at this weir stream bridge - brought downriver from the heavy rains during the previous week.

We passed several of these pre-cast concrete signs, all saying 200, but I cannot find what they indicate or why they are there.  The two mounting blocks are for riders to dismount for the short section as badger activity has made the towpath quite uneven.

On Thursday evening we met up with Dave and Barbara for drinks and something to eat at Barbridge where they are currently moored.

On Friday morning I was sitting at our dinette table contemplating whether to write a blog for this short week whilst watching a kingfisher perched on a branch outside. I assumed it was the same one we followed on this stretch of canal at the end of our walk along the River Weaver the previous day.  Anyway, seeing the kingfisher reminded me that the blog is primarily for us to relive our memories in the future so it convinced me that I would make this entry.

Whilst sorting out the house we finally decided to buy a flat in Aylesbury as it's in the centre of the country so easier for the family to get there when we fancy a get together (I know it's not really boat related but the flat is overlooking the canal basin).   

We're now looking forward to our family Christmas which we always have on the first weekend of January with our children.  We're expecting at least 17 as the number of partners seems to increase each year.  We will then be ready to move back onto the boat full time.