Tuesday 14 August 2007

Hire boat holiday 2007 (Gayton to Braunston and back)

During August 2007 we hired a narrowboat, with six of the children, from Gayton marina just at the start of the Northampton arm of the Grand Union.  We headed north, through Weedon and Buckby then through Braunston tunnel and down the Braunston flight.  We turned at Braunston Turn, which is the junction with the Oxford canal, and then headed back to the marina. 

During the week both Matthew and Lauren had their birthdays and, as usual, Karen managed to decorate the boat including fairy lights.  I probably wasn’t worried about the effect on the batteries in those days as it was a hire boat and I didn’t know any better.

Loading up at Gayton marina, including eight bikes on the roof.We'd even brought a trailer full of stuff!

Looking back at the pictures they are nearly all of the children and only a couple of the canal.

Polly in a lock – she’s not driving honest – I was ducking down for something

We covered 34 miles through 26 broad locks on the holiday.  Even though it was summertime we only managed to share a couple of locks with another boat (nb Grace which can just be seen in the picture above).  Maybe the other boaters were keeping clear of the mad hire boat family!

Here are a few pictures of the children:

Jake in a pub garden

Polly and Joanna in a pub garden

Matthew in a pub garden

Catherine in a pub garden
Me in a pub garden - just look at that old Nokia phone!

Me and Joanna

Our old lab Diesel - he loved getting wet unlike Buddy but they both share(d) a penchant for sticks

Karen and Matthew outside in the dark

Me and Lauren outside in the dark

Some of Karen's party decorating

Matthew and Lauren's birthday dinner

Polly and Joanna

Catherine and Lauren

Pary time!

Polly and me

Jake and Polly