Church Minshull (Walking along the Weaver)

The weather was a bit dreary when we set off on Thursday morning.  Just after we started we passed Barbara outside the pub we went to with her and Dave last night.  We stopped for a quick chat and, as the rain started, we got on our way.

We turned right at this junction to go along the Middlewich branch.

Cholmondeston and Church Minshull locks were deeper that we have been used to on the Llangollen for a few weeks – 12 feet rather than around six.

This stanking plank store seemed cleverly disguised and probably difficult to retrieve the planks.

We moored on the embankment that runs above the infant River Weaver and the village of Church Minshull.
As it was still light we went for a walk through the woods above the river.  When we were last here in April we found the walk rather treacherous and in many places we were in danger of slipping down the steep banks into the river.  It seems that the locals have done quite a bit of work making the walk safer and therefore encouraging more people to walk to or from the village.

We arrived in the village opposite the Badger so popped in for a refresher as we realised there would still be time to get home before it got dark.

Karen brought the pumpkin indoors for the night as rain was forecast and she didnt want it to get wet.

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