Staying put for a change

We were moored in such a lovely spot that we didn’t want to move on Wednesday.

We planned a six mile circular walk for the morning.  Buddy met a playmate in one field and had a good run around.  Don’t worry, the field is grass not a cereal crop.

Our walk took us along a disused railway line; always one of our favourite types of walk.

We went past the old Bratch station and…

 we sat down for a rest and a drink of water, Buddy also relaxed and we could see how dirty he had got when playing with the dog we met.  He had to have a good brush before getting back on the boat.

We walked through Bratch and it gave us a chance to investigate the hall/manor house that we saw from the boat yesterday.  We could have guessed as it turned out to be a water pumping station.

We also went past the restored toll house from a different angle.

In the afternoon we did household chores including baking an apple cake and log cutting and then a final walk in the evening sun before dinner.

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