New Mills (goodbye to the A6)

We took it easy on Monday morning and sat outside reading and doing puzzles, although Karen had a rush of energy at about 11 and washed the side of the boat.  It was an ideal mooring for using hot water as we knew we would fill up as we left the basin later.

Filling up with water – what a glorious day

Before we set off, the couple we had moored with last week at Ramsdell Hall near the start of the Macclesfield canal came past.  They moored a little further up the basin and came and had a quick chat.

You can tell it's a hot day when Buddy rolls in the dust to cool down

Leaving Bugsworth basin

After ½ mile we stopped outside Tesco for a quick food shop.  There was just room for us at the moorings, but we couldn’t get close to the bank because of some rocks at the side of the cut.  As we were only stopping for a short while we moored up as best we could.  The guy on the boat behind us had a cat which wasn’t scared of dogs and we had to keep Buddy on a close rein.  In fact, it was a really cheeky cat and was on our boat when we got back which really wound Buddy up.

We carried on cruising for about a mile through Furness Vale and then moored up for the day just past the first swing bridge at New Mills.  It had been a lovely, if short cruise, because we had to go really slowly to avoid dragging the boat down on the bottom as this canal is very shallow along nearly all its length.  

It’s not possible to moor at many spots because of the shallowness but the spot we moored at is a good open stretch with Armco and popular with ccers.  It looked like we wouldn’t get in but found a spot in the middle of a line of ten or so boats.  I had a chat with the guy on the boat in front of us.  He had been on his boat for just over a year and drives to Manchester every day for work.  I remarked how few moorings there are on the Peak Forest canal but those that are there are really rather pleasant.  He passed on a good few places to moor on both the Peak Forest and the Macclesfield canals.

Our view across the Goyt valley to the hills above New Mills
We may well stay here for a couple of days.  Karen wants to go into Manchester to get a dress for Sophie’s wedding and Wednesday looks to be the worst day weather-wise so would be the ideal day.  It’s only a 30-minute train journey from New Mills station which is only a mile or so away.

Although it was pleasant mooring at Bugsworth it was right next to the A6 so did tend to get noisy especially during the day.  Here, at New Mills, it is quite different, no road noise at all ūüėä
Before the mist burns off on Tuesday morning moored at New Mills – four boats in front of us...
...and five behind
A common sight at the moment along the canal banks.  This gander was guarding his goose on her nest whilst fast asleep.

   Opposite our mooring at New Mills

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