Sunday, 20 May 2018

Disley (nearly moved on but not quite)

We needed to replenish our fruit and vegetables so a trip to Marple was the order of the day on Saturday.  We thought we would cycle in but start off in the opposite direction first as we wanted to get some eggs from a farm back near Whaley Bridge.  The yolks there are particularly bright and, with a mixture of different coloured shells, reminded us of when we used to have chickens.

When unlocking the bikes, I found one had a puncture, so I set about repairing it whilst Karen cycled off to get the eggs.  I found a thorn in the tyre – the most common reason for punctures on the towpath – and set about repairing it.  When I came to blow it up again I realised Karen had the pump in her backpack!

I had to stop six cyclists before I found one who had a pump with them and then it was the wrong sort.  By that time Karen was back so I used our pump.   As luck would have it a second puncture appeared and as we had now run out of repair patches it meant something else to buy in Marple and also a walk rather than bike ride there.  We have slime in the tyres of the newer bike but, unfortunately, that wasn’t the bike that had the punctures.

Breakfast on Saturday

On our walk to Marple we saw a couple of really good mooring spots and thought we might move to one of them later in the day if they were still free.  As they were away from handy bridges or pubs it meant that the chances were that they would be free as, generally speaking, ccers/workers prefer to moor near bridges, hire boaters and holiday makers prefer to be near pubs.

As usual we bought more than we planned so we both had heavy rucksacks for the four-mile journey home which was a bit daft as the weather was so warm.

Whilst we were in town we popped into a jeweller to see if they could make Karen’s watch strap tighter.  The girl who served us said it would only take 10 minutes, so we sat on a bench outside whilst we waited.  Sure enough, after 10 minutes, the girl came out to return the watch – such personal service and to make it more special there was no charge 😊

On the way back, we passed Brian and Ann Marie on their fuel boat Alton.  It was such a shame we had been to the services the day before otherwise we would have used them.

It wasn’t until we got home that we realised that we had missed both mooring spots we were going to check, so we ended up staying where we were for the rest of the day.  It didn’t matter as the spot is pleasant enough anyway.

Maybe, when I’ve mended the latest puncture today, I’ll test the repair out by cycling down and having a look.

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