New Mills (Karen escapes!)

After breakfast on Wednesday, Buddy and I walked Karen to the station which was only a mile away.  She was off to Wilmslow for a few hours dress shopping for Sophie and Yanos’s wedding which is three weeks away. 

On the way we passed the winding hole where there is a large patch of the invasive, and toxic, giant hogweed growing on the offside.  This patch has been here for some years and for some reason, rather than clearing it, a danger sign has been erected.  We noticed a few plants were also growing on the towpath side so made a note to contact CRT in case they hadn’t been reported.

It was quite a chilly and cloudy day, so I spent the morning servicing the engine and doing all those other monthly checks we have to do.

After an early lunch Buddy and I walked to Whaley Bridge to have a look around.  It’s the sort of place where I would find Victorian post boxes but, sadly, they had either been replaced by later ones or they didn’t bother to post letters in the 19th century.

You may be glad to know I only took one photo and that was of the basin at the village.

The basin was used for the transhipment of limestone from canal boats onto the Cromford & High Peak trackway to Cromford.  The trucks were pulled by a mixture of horses, stationary engines and latterly, steam engines.

The weather cleared up on our walk back and Karen called when we were nearly home saying she was on the train.  As it had warmed up, I dropped my fleece off at the boat as we walked past and carried on to meet Karen from the station.  She had had a successful trip – no doubt because she was on her own ūüėČ

I put the kettle on for tea and coffee on Thursday morning and a couple of minutes later the gas had run out.  Most boaters will agree that gas bottles run out and need changing in the most awkward of times or in the most inclement of weathers.  This time the sun was shining so I was happy to go outside to change the bottles over (quietly so as not to wake the neighbours of course).  What I hadn’t realised was that it was a frosty morning, so I had to be extra careful getting the empty bottle out of the gas locker and connecting up the new one.

Just in case you’ve never seen a gas locker with one bottle removed or a neatly coiled hose before ūüėČ

Fortunately, the sun had melted the ice on the bows, but I was still extra careful.  We hadn’t been expecting a frost, so Karen was a worried about her plants, but I managed to convince her they would be OK.  It’s funny, but Buddy blames me for extremes of weather too; if it’s pouring with rain or too hot he looks at me as if to say, ‘Why are you letting this happen?’

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