Safe haven in Ashton

The forecast changed for Tuesday and it was going to be too windy in the afternoon to attempt to get into Manchester so we changed our plans for the day.  I rang a boatyard in Ashton-Under-Lyne and they had a spare safe spot for the night so I told them we would get there by midday.  We would then be in a good position to start early on Wednesday to get into the centre of Manchester.

We went down the last four locks of the Huddersfield Narrow canal and rejoined the Ashton canal at Ashton.  We found the boatyard just off Dukinfield junction where the Peak Forest canal joins the Ashton.  We had to reverse down a narrow arm to get into the boatyard.

We collected the gate keys, took on diesel and bought four more plaques for the recent canals we have covered.  We also took advantage of a close by supermarket to buy some compost.  Buddy seems to get in lots of our pictures and we couldn't believe he even got into this one!

After lunch Karen started potting up some petunias and geraniums.

And I put up the four new plaques.

In the early evening we took Buddy for a walk.  We both talk for him and it occurred to me that we use deeper voices when speaking for him.  It’s the opposite to what parents do for baby talk.  The sort of things we say for him are, ‘Why have you put me on the lead – there are tasty goslings up ahead’. 

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