Market Drayton - Day 2

On Thursday morning we had a little walk back the way we had cruised up on Tuesday.  This use of a cut trunk amused us, especially the two love birds on the fishing rod.

On the way back to the boat we met Dave and  Barbara who were locking up and heading off to Birmingham.   We walked into Market Drayton to stock up on food and drink as this is the last town we go through before we get to Middlewich.  It felt a bit tired and empty as a town but Karen thought that maybe all towns do on the day after market day.  Apparently Market Drayton was the home of gingerbread but we found little to substantiate it.

The malty smell of this brewery was delicious.

The spent grain was being collected in a trailer to be used as feed for a local herd of cattle.

In the afternoon we cruised about three miles to find a nice spot to moor.  This log and coal merchant at Victoria wharf has been owned by the same family since the canal 

Buddy has found a new place to sleep when we are on the move.

It makes us smile when we see old railway lines as they were built after the canals and were their downfall but have now been outlived by them.

This section of the canal is so remote that the stanking planks are not chained up.

Once moored we sat outside reading for the rest of the afternoon.   

This is our view this evening – the nearer trees mark an old railway embankment.

We are having what must be an upmarket spaghetti bolognese this evening as the recipe says that the mince has to be roasted first.

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