Just a little one

There was a light scattering of snow on Thursday morning and it was forecast to sleet or snow off and on all day.  We had another walk around Burton as we wanted to visit the market and get some fresh fruit and vegetables.  After lunch the sun came out and as we both fancied being more remote and away from other boats, houses and factories we cruised to Branston.  It really was quite a sunny afternoon even though it was bitterly cold so a short cruise was OK.

This is where we moored - nice and remote if a little exposed. 

It got very dark after we moored and then the snow came.  This is five minutes after we tied up and it just started snowing.

Thinking about our time away it occurred to me that we have only eaten out twice and not had any take aways. Both the meals we had out were treats for my 60th birthday - one from my children and the other from my parents.

Karen is really rather good at planning menus for a couple of weeks ahead and also ensuring we only buy the items we need to prepare those meals.  Contrary to what may be read in the blog I do cook occasionally but I do raise a glass in thanks to Karen for looking after me and being a domestic goddess.

Anyway, if we get snowed or iced in here, we have enough food for two weeks and there is a country pub at the next bridge west.

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