Ear washing

On Friday evening we went to see Catherine in Nottingham.  We picked up the car from her so we could go into the Derbyshire Dales on Saturday.  Good friends had invited us to a family celebration that we didn’t want to miss especially as it was so close.
Early on Saturday morning we took Buddy out for a long walk to tire him out as we were dropping him at Catherine’s for the day whilst we were out. We even managed to bring back some logs in the dark!

Sunday morning was very frosty and the canal was still frozen over but we did find out that the River Trent was now open.  We took the car back to Catherine and got her to drop us off at Sheetstore basin on the Erewash canal so we could have a good walk back to Shardlow.  The Erewash canal was completely frozen and at the bottom end has lots of boat houses.

The signs on the Erewash asking dog owners to be respectful also have messages to the dogs.

When we got to the end of the Erewash where it joins the River Trent we saw three narrow boats on the river.  The river itself looked a lot calmer as well.

After five nights in Shardlow we now feel it's time to get back on the move again.

By the way, although we pronounce the Erewash canal, "Ear wash", we're sure it's probably, "Air wash"

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