Sunday, 25 January 2015

Pulled pork and Willington

When I took Buddy out for his early morning walk on Saturday we met a neighbour who was a little distraught as he had lost his dog.  We helped him look for it for a while but to no avail.  Apparently it ran off about four years ago and it came back on its own accord after eight hours so I suppose the owner had some hope.

In the morning we walked into Wilington to get milk etc. from the local shop.  We fancied a circular walk but the way in was a bit straight and boring along a railway line.  Coming back was better as we went on the tow path.  Whilst in Willington we had a look round to see where Catherine could park when she visits us later.  We also found a good spot to moor.

We had a lazy day on the boat reading the Saturday papers etc.  I finished  a book Sophie had lent me, “Through the language glass”.  I think Sophie is worried about my brain turning to mush.  I can’t honestly say that I understood all the arguments being put forward in the book but there were some interesting ideas about the effect of language on the way we think and on culture.

I rang Lauren during the day and she was in London with girlfriends choosing a wedding dress for her housemate.  Since moving on the boat I realise I don’t have a routine for ringing the children and must rectify that.  Lauren reminded me that I always used to call her whenever I was stuck in a jam on the M25.

Catherine arrived late afternoon and after Karen had prepared dinner and left it cooking in the oven we went to the Rising Sun.  We knew would be OK there as they had a sign, “Muddy boots and dogs welcome”.  It turned out to be a proper drinkers’ pub and we soon got chatting with the locals.  As usual we laughed a lot as Karen and I recounted the stories of our travels.

This is where we moored for the night. Quite a pretty spot but it was a bit noisy as it was near a road.

Buddy in squirrel land next to our mooring.

On Sunday morning we woke up in the middle of a fishing match.  48 of them had started setting up before nine and the match didn’t start until ten.  It is serious stuff – lasting five hours.

Not sure what we’ll do today but it was lovely having Catherine over and seeing her so happy.

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