On Thursday we set off mid morning from Alrewas to get to Branston.  Not a particularly long journey but it has a really boring bit where the canal runs for two miles in a straight line along the A38.  As we left Alrewas we passed a house being re-thatched – quite a craft with many associated words peculiar only to thatching.  I suspect the little ladder that the thatcher’s right foot is on has a special name.

We always have a bowl of tap water on deck for Buddy but for some reason he always prefers canal water straight from the watering can.

After mooring up at Branston we went for a walk around one of the many lakes there.

The Canada Geese were keeping their distance in case Karen had her gun with her.

We’re not keen on mooring in long lines of boats but we wanted to be in the country and the  next place was Burton on Trent which is built up for a few miles.

It was a bit different to when we moored here in January.

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