Back to the Trent again

Before setting off on Wednesday we took Buddy for a run round the playing fields where we had moored the previous evening.  It makes a nice change for him to have an open area rather than tow paths.  He came across a pied wagtail – wagtails fly low to the ground and are superb for Buddy to chase as they fly around for ages before flying higher and off.  You can just make out Buddy in the middle of the picture but not the pied wagtail.

As we are heading back down the Erewash there is not much to report as we covered it on the way up last weekend.  In Long Eaton we passed two adjoining houses with their back gardens turned over to pigeon lofts - this is one of them.

This is Long Easton high street that runs for quite a long way alongside the canal; we hadn’t taken a picture on the way up.

We are getting lots of compliments about the flowers (well, Karen is as I’m not allowed to touch them unless we are moving them around).

The water in the cut was still lovely and clear.

When we moored for lunch we took Buddy to the River Erewash for another swimming lesson.

Karen even went into the water to try and get him to swim but to no avail,

Closer to the River Trent we went through some flood locks that we hadn’t shown on our way up.  They are still ½ mile from the river but show how high the area is defended against flood, especially as there is a 10’ drop at the final lock.

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