Lapworth (and a trip to Prague)

There’s not been a blog entry for a few days as we have been to Prague with a lot of the family. where Matthew, Karen’s eldest, was graduating as a doctor at Charles University. 

Proud mum!

As usual, when we go away, we took an AirBnb – an apartment in one of the typical grand buildings that Prague is famous for.   It had plenty of room for the nine of us that made it out there.

When the children were younger we used to think that it was a nightmare taking up to nine of them on a plane and keeping them in check during the holiday.  It’s actually worse when they are adults!  With Ann, Karen’s mum, with us too it felt like we should have them all on leads at the airports and when walking around the city.

The ceremony was quite different to those in the UK.  For example, gowns are not worn, although all the graduates wear them at the end for the photos.  It was also very intimate as only 20 students graduate at a time so the vast hall meant that friends and family felt part of the occasion as everyone was congregated at one end

The only picture that really came out with all of us together

It was a brilliant few days away and it was good to have time with some of the children and Ann.  

Unusually for us we ate out all the time.  When we arrived on Wednesday we had an early lunch in a restaurant near the Airbnb which turned out to be a vegetarian restaurant.  Catherine, our only vegetarian, hadn’t arrived as she was still en route from Spain so it was quite ironic really as the Czechs are not known for being vegetarians.

It was good to visit during the week as, even though it was extremely busy with tourists, it meant we avoided the hen and stag parties that Prague attracts because it is a cheap place to visit.

We got back home on Saturday morning and Karen was pleased to find that the plants on the boat hadn’t suffered – there can’t have been much rain, sun or wind.  We picked Buddy up from the kennels and he was as supercharged as ever but soon got back to normality once we were back on the towpath.

We will probably move on down the Lapworth flight on Sunday as we both feel like a cruise this morning.

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