Monday, 10 August 2015

Preston Bagot (yes, we moved the boat on Sunday)

In the early hours of Saturday morning Karen woke up and exclaimed that it was our wedding anniversary.  It had completely passed us by but gave us an excuse to have some fizz!

We went for a walk on Saturday morning but didn’t find any new butterflies.  We then spent the rest of the day sitting outside reading.  Karen did go inside to bake a Madeira cake – she is a fan of Great British Bake Off and apparently the contestants had to bake one this week.  As usual, it tasted delicious but Karen was especially pleased as it had a crack running across the top – a sign of a good Madeira cake according to Mary Berry.

The wind has finally dropped after what seems like three weeks so I took a couple of ‘Which way is up?’ pictures.


Our friends, Mike and Aileen have just cruised the Leeds and Liverpool canal and they went through Gargrave where my parents live.  Unfortunately we hadn't been in touch with them (Mike & Aileen) for a while so missed out on meeting up when we were up there camping last weekend. 

We went for another long walk on Sunday morning and then cruised three miles and up one lock to Preston Bagot where we moored up.  Karen posted this picture on our family WhatsUp group saying it was our resting place - Sophie responded immediately hoping it wasn't our final one!  Although, to be fair, we are in a really lovely part of England.

As it was a Sunday we walked to the Crabmill where they served one of my favourite beers, Doombar and Karen’s favourite lager, Peroni.


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