Fazeley (same walk twice without achieving anything)

We cooked son Steve a full English before he left for his business meeting on Friday morning and then it started raining and it didn’t stop until about six in the evening.

Moored at Fazeley – it looked the same whatever time of day you looked at it 😉

It meant that we could stay in and get a lot of admin done that has been building up, but during the morning we did have a short four-mile walk togged up in wet weather gear.  We picked a circular walk that took in the retail park at Tamworth.  I know that sounds mad, but we wanted to check if the Boots store there printed photos on the spot if you took them in in electronic form.

Months ago, we saw a photo frame that takes nine individual photos and, as we have nine children, we bought it on the spot.  What has taken a long time is finding pictures of the children let alone getting them printed out.  Anyway, Karen went into the Boots store whilst I stayed outside with Buddy and she found that we could take in a memory stick, phone or laptop and print them out instantly.

The only picture we took on our morning walk – the Coventry canal crossing the River Tame

So, when we got back we put the chosen photos on a memory stick and, after lunch, we got togged up again and walked back to the retail park.  I know it sounds like a naff walk, but Buddy could be off the lead most of the time and had some good runs along the river and canal.

We tied Buddy up outside the store and both went in to get the photos printed.  We connected the memory stick and then realised that it had a password on it and the Boots software, understandably, expects no password to be present.  So, it was another wet walk home, deciding that we should leave the printing until we were near another town.

I carried on with jobs whilst Karen did some cooking.  It’s amazing that after living on the new boat for 18 months we are still doing things like putting hooks up in cupboards.  Karen had asked for some more in the cupboards in the bedroom and it was only when I was putting them up that it hit me she may have been inventing jobs to keep me at the other end of the boat 😉  

So, Friday was a non-cruising day, but we’ll probably move on Saturday, possibly reaching the Trent & Mersey canal.  I know most people would easily make it the eleven lock-free miles, but we do like taking things easy (and it is due to keep raining) 😊


roger said...

Hi Neil & Karen

nice to meet you today. I couldn't find a contact point on your blog to send you that photo that I mentioned, but you can find it here -


cheers, Roger

Neil & Karen Payne said...

Sorry Roger - only just seen this comment. Good to meet you too. Will follow your link and add it to our blog