Great Train Robbery

We woke to a beautiful morning on Tuesday and decided to head to Leighton Buzzard.

The first two locks were close to each other and someone had left a paddle open on the bottom lock so the pound was practically empty.  It was about six feet lower than it should have been and it took us a while to refill it by letting lock-fulls of water down. We let three lock-fulls down before we judged the pound would be deep enough for us.

Once we were through these locks we were out in open country and the sun had broken through and was feeling rather warm for mid-November.

There was a nice touch from the people who live in the lock cottage at Slapton. The picture is not very clear but there is a plant container under the sign with various herbs such as parsley and rosemary.  The sign on the left of the board says "Passing Boaters.  For your use but please leave some for others."

Every mile there is a marker indicating how far it is to Braunston.  When we left Slough it was 100 miles, today we passed the 51 mile marker.

At Horton a cygnet joined us and followed us for a couple of miles and even came through the lock with us.

We passed a sunken narrow boat at Grove; first one we had ever seen.  Wrecks are usually plastic cruiser style boats that tend to catch fire easily.

This pub at Grove lock must hold the record for being closest to the lock edge.  Quite disconcerting have diners and drinkers staring at you when you are right next to the windows.

We ended up mooring near the Globe which is a lovely old pub opposite the site of the Great Train Robbery.  We will decide what to do on Wednesday when Wednesday comes.

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