Mental sat navs

Saturday dawned bright.  We cycled to Milton Keynes coachway out by junction 14 on the M1 as Karen was taking a coach to Nottingham to see her daughter Catherine for the day.  We left Karen’s bike at the coachway and I cycled back to have a lazy day with Buddy.

The coach station was really busy and I couldn't believe the places the coaches were going to - three different destinations in Eire for example.  The fares are very reasonable if bought in advance and the journeys are quick, traffic permitting (1 hour 35 minutes to Nottingham).

Buddy and I went for a bike ride on part of the Millennium Circular cycle route which runs right round the town.  On the east side it runs near the canal where we are currently moored.

I did some odd jobs on the boat and then went wine shopping.  I got my directions slightly wrong and ended up cycling about five miles to the shop instead of three. I have always had a good sense of direction and never used sat navs; I looked at a map once and then remembered how to get to my destination.  Since buying our latest car the sat nav is always on and somehow I am dependent upon it.  I used it a lot when we were taking the boat through London as I was constantly moving the car.  My mental sat nav seems have disappeared which is most frustrating.  

Talking about cars reminds me that it is great not having a car to move around with the boat.  We can moor up wherever we like and not worry about having access to a road where it is safe to leave a car.

When Steve came over I made him one of his favourite curries and I made sure there was plenty left over.  I made a biryani with the left overs and left it in the oven whilst I cycled back to the coachway to meet Karen in the evening.

We have just seen the forecast: Sunday looks dreadfully wet but Monday is currently expected to be dry.  We will stay where we are on Sunday and plan on moving on again on Monday.  Just been out for a quick walk with the dog and yes, Sunday looks grim.


sljpayne said...

Ah Daddy, the brain is a funny thing. When we didn't have writing systems and only had oral histories, imagine how many things a person could remember! We couldn't function like that now we're so used to writing things down. Suppose it's the same for your mental sat nav.

Neil & Karen Payne said...
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Neil & Karen Payne said...

But I think it's coming back as I haven't been in a car for over three weeks and noticed that it was OK when walking round a town.