Monday, 23 April 2018

Flecknoe (a lot of socialising and travelling for us)

A really thoughtful present from friends

Friday was clearing out day; we seem to have accumulated so much stuff that we felt we needed a good turn out.  So, we packed the car and set off for Wendover where we use one of Ann’s (Karen’s mum) bedrooms for some of our stuff.   For some reason we have things stored all over the country; my parent’s, Karen’s mum’s, Lauren’s, a storage unit in Solihull and some locked cupboards and half the garage in the house we let out in Kent

We were amazed that we filled the boot of the car, but it was a good job done and, after a pleasant lunch with Ann, we returned to the boat to sit in the sun for the rest of the day.  After a while Chris appeared; he and Sue had arrived for the L&G regatta and were moored just around the corner from us.  After chatting for a while we decided to join them for our first barbecue of the year. 


Chris had enthused about the sunny spot they were moored in but when we arrived a large tree was casting a shadow over the towpath thus confirming we had the best spot on the Flecknoe stretch 😉

On Saturday we popped into Rugby to do some odd jobs like getting the car washed before it disappears for the next few months.  When we got back we wheeled two bags of coal along the towpath to the boat.  We had been waiting until we were moored nearer the car but as it was going on Sunday we couldn’t wait any longer.  We are rather hoping we won’t need to break into the bags until autumn, but you never know.

We had a good walk in the afternoon before meeting up with Chris & Sue and Mike & Lesley.  Mike & Lesley had arrived on their boat whilst we were out on our walk and had moored next to Chris & Sue by bridge 101.  Coincidentally, bridge 101 is the current location we have earmarked for having our ashes scattered 😊

During our walk we saw these cowslips that seem to have cross-bred with a domestic primula

In the evening, the six of us walked up to the Old Olive Bush in Flecknoe for drinks and dinner.  We had a good laugh including making jokes about the pub and its idiosyncratic landlord.  We were sensible and left the jokes until after the food had arrived.  It’s definitely well worth a visit – Karen and I have been a few times but never eaten.

Chris & Sue had brought Mike & Lesley a picture for their new boat and also a picture for us.  We were really touched and pleased with it – see photo of it at the top of this blog entry.  It’s a print of s first class stamp issued in July 2013 – there were ten different butterflies in the set including our Chalkhill Blue 😊

Sunday saw us getting up at 5 in the morning to drive up to Yorkshire.  We arrived at Gargrave, my parent’s village, before 9 and therefore before Buddy woke up for breakfast.  We had a quick walk before popping in to see my mum for a while.

The water hasn’t been this low for many months in their village

We then visited my dad and did some jobs for him before ‘summerising’ the car for the next few months.  At least we won’t have the hassle of having a car whilst we are on our travels now.  Dad is still going strong but is still only mobile in his wheelchair.

Car all tucked up nicely

We caught a train (well, three trains) back to Leamington and then John (a local taxi driver from Long Itchington who is used to ferrying boat people) took us back to the boat.

All in all, a tiring but very happy weekend 😊   

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