Sunday, 8 November 2015

Acton Bridge (Trip to Kent and back)

We had two very different days on Thursday.  I got a taxi to Northwich station in the morning and took trains back to Kent to pick up a car.  I made the wrong choice about which way to drive round the M25 and didn’t get back to the boat until gone nine in the evening.  I can’t believe that I used to sit in stationary motorway traffic nearly every day I went to work in recent years.

Karen and Buddy had the day to themselves (much to Karen's relief).  Karen started by getting the boat ready for leaving for a few weeks whilst Buddy sat patiently on the towpath.

They then went for a walk along the canal and then cut across fields down to the River Weaver.

We went on the Weaver in the summer but not the entire length – next year we intend going right down to the junction with the River Mersey and the Manchester Ship canal.  The locks are enormous.

A sign, probably maintained by one of the lock keepers.

This boat floundered below the locks in 1993 and has not moved since.  She was built in 1894 in Norway and has had quite a chequered history including being commandeered by the Germans in 1940.

Our mooring for the next few weeks.

It’s going to be odd not having a blog to write for a while but we have plenty to do at home getting the house shipshape and rented out.  No doubt I’ll make the odd blog entry to stay in touch with the loyal band of blog followers :)

Our friends David & Victoria made their last blog entry today after having lived on their boat for six years.  They are starting a new life on land for a while but know how to write a proper blog!  Click on nb Pas Meche on the right of this page under "OTHER BOATERS' BLOGS".


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