Châlons-en-Champagne (first week of lockdown)

Having been confined to our homes, other than for exceptional short trips with a dated and appropriate certificate, those of us who live in France are advised to spend time in their gardens to ensure they get fresh air.  Together with Nikki & Gorete next door we have to treat the pontoon as our garden and with the lovely weather we’ve had this week we’ve retired to it whenever taking breaks from the daily grind of the job list.  One of this week's jobs was to buy more compost and plants and get the remaining pots planted up.  With garden centres shut down and non-food sections of supermarkets closed off for the foreseeable future it looks like Karen won't be able to put on our usual display for some months 😞

So, here's a summary of the first week of lockdown:






First sightings of butterflies continue notwithstanding: Wednesday - Small White; Thursday -Holly Blue; Friday - Large White.


Shaun & Lynn aboard "Elle" said...

The lockdown can't be fun but your week's summary is hilarious! I even convinced myself that your thumb moved in the last pic - how did you all manage the exact same positions every day?
We're also stuck. French Consulate is not issuing visas for the foreseeable future (announced two days before our visa appointments) so unless things are better by mid-June, we will have to cancel 2020 cruising.
Good luck.

Shaun & Lynn aboard "Elle" said...

Lockdown can't be fun bit your week summary is hilarious!
French Consulate in ZA announced that they are not issuing any visas for the foreseeable future, this two days before our visa appointment...

Neil & Karen Payne said...

Strange times indeed Shaun. Good luck to you guys too

Ian said...

Boring as it is for you, it is morbidly fascinating for at least some of the rest of us. Can Karen carry a bucket and spade on Buddy’s walks and collect real soil for her plants?

Neil & Karen Payne said...

What a good idea Ian!