Edstone (a weekend away)

Over the weekend Matthew and Marie came to England to get the equivalent of their banns sorted for their wedding in Norway this July.  Coincidentally it was the same weekend that Catherine was leaving to live in Spain for a few months to brush up on her Spanish.  So that we could put everyone up we hired a house near Grafham Water (AirBnB as usual) in order to be near Stansted for getting the foreign contingent back home.  Jo came down from Edinburgh too so we made a weekend of it.

The house we stayed in – well, we stayed in the converted stables round the back

As with most of the country it was a glorious weekend and we spent our time walking or just sitting around chilling in the grounds.

Cat and Jo having a laugh in the garden

Karen took Cat to the airport on Saturday evening and unfortunately her plane was delayed by three hours but we heard from her later and she arrived safely at her lodgings albeit a bit late at night.

Cat saying goodbye to Karen

On Sunday we spent some time home from home by going down to the Great Ouse that runs through St Neots. Later on the children went for a dip in the freshwater pool in the garden as it was so hot!

Jo took Matt and Marie to Cambridge on Monday so she could meet up with a uni friend and drop the others at the station for a quick train journey to the airport.

As we were on our own on Monday, Karen and I took Buddy on a ten mile walk around Grafham Water.   The weather had cooled considerably which was probably just as well as we were walking for a few hours.

Karen fancied this for her office

Karen left for work really early on Tuesday morning leaving me and Jo to make our way home to the boat at our leisure.

Jo is staying a few days as she is meeting up with more siblings at the weekend down in Reading.

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