Monday, 1 February 2016

Bramble Cutting (another favourite mooring spot)

So much for our plans to stay at Billinge Green Flash for a few days and catch up on our admin.  We were thwarted by a total lack of internet signal so had to set off first thing on Monday before storm Henry took hold.  The morning was deceptively still and all sorts of birdlife awoke us.  Here’s a pair of swans flying in opposite the boat.

We passed several boats on the move – the snatched conversation confirming that they also were on the move early before the wind got up.

We smiled as we passed this log store at Whatcroft as it rivalled the neatness of several stores my son, Steve has put up around his garden.

The sun came out in the lull before the storm.

After a few miles we arrived at Bramble Cutting just as the first strong gusts started.

This is a good mooring as it is on the offside (opposite the towpath) so only boaters can get there.  This means we can safely leave Buddy outside to wander around.  As it was he felt more inclined to guard us instead.

We started to get really worried about the strength of the wind and moved a hundred yards further on away from any trees.  We then went for a walk into Middlewich.  We like this stretch of the T&M as the towpath is little used.

Fuelboat Halsall, that covers this area, got in touch with their February itinerary and we arranged for them to drop by tomorrow as we need coal and fuel.  Also, Dave & Barbara got in touch as they are moored in Middlewich at present so we will probably catch up with them tomorrow too.

Sadly we didn’t see any kingfishers or heron today.

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