Monday, 24 November 2014

End of Milton Keynes

It seemed to rain all Saturday night and it was still raining on Sunday morning.  It’s a lovely soothing feeling laying in bed hearing the rain pattering rhythmically on the steel roof.  Although when moored under trees the drops from the leaves are larger and not so rhythmic so not as soothing.

We put all our wet weather gear on and took Buddy for a walk for an hour then stayed in.  We watched the final race of the season and I admit to having had a tear in my eye when poor old Nico Rosberg’s car started losing power.  We then went for a much longer walk after the race as it had stopped raining and caught a beautiful sunset.

Matthew was over from the Czech Republic for the weekend at a conference in London so he came to see us on Sunday evening and stayed over.  In the morning we woke up to our first real frost.

We walked Matt to Milton Keynes coachway where he caught a coach to Stansted airport.  When we got back we set off as it was such a gorgeous day.  We stopped at Great Linford to top up with water and get rid of all our rubbish.  Buddy did a good job of guarding the hose pipe from the inquisitive swans and cats.

Here are a couple of shots as we were passing through Bradwell at the northern extremes of Milton Keynes.

We noticed that the stanking planks were in shelters in this area rather then stored in bridge holes or locked in stone sheds.

At Stonebridge we went over an aqueduct where there is another type of stanking plank store.

As we entered Wolverton we passed this rather good mural depicting train transport through the ages.  It was painted 25 years ago and has recently been refurbished. It also reminded us that we are only just over 70 miles from Birmingham as it has a little sign saying ‘Birmingham 73 miles’.

We ended up mooring in Wolverton and Karen’s mum came to visit for a while and then we did a big shop in Tesco which is just by the canal.

We are both really looking forward to getting on the move north this week and getting away from Milton Keynes but it was fun whilst it lasted.  We hope to get through to Stoke Bruerne in the next day or two and then the 3,057 yard long Blisworth tunnel.  At the northern end of the tunnel we plan on stopping over and using my 60th birthday present from my four youngest children and their other halves.

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