Calcutt (all seasons this week)

It was so mild on Thursday morning that I didn’t bother lighting the fire; the weather had really changed as we also had gusty winds which haven’t been around for a while.  It really does feel like we have had all weathers this last week, from being frozen in, through fog, mist, gloom, sun, wind and rain.

As well as being windy it was raining on and off during the morning but by 11 o’clock it felt like the rain would keep away so I set off for Calcutt.  I wasn’t really sure where I would end up but knew I had to get water before the weekend and Calcutt had the nearest water point.

Heading through Lower Shuckburgh – you can see the wind has eased as the wavelets are quite small

Buddy seemed to be happy getting all the smells as we cruised through the fields.

He constantly moves from one side of the boat to the other

Not sure what he is trying to say here

At Napton junction I turned right to Warwick.  I had thought of continuing straight on and joining the South Oxford canal for a while to go down to the Folly Inn at the far side of Napton (there is a water point there too).  Our current plan is to go to the Folly on New Year’s Eve so that’s why I gave it a miss and turned towards Warwick instead.

Napton junction signpost: Not very clear but the sign points to Braunston back where we came from and Oxford is on the other sign behind the Warwick one

My choice after filling up with water was to reverse back and moor up at Napton reservoir or to carry on down the Calcutt locks.  By the time I got to the water point I did neither - I just turned (winded) the boat round, reversed back to the water point, filled up and headed for the reservoir.  It did mean we are now facing the wrong direction but it isn't far back to the junction to turn when we set off again.  I should have mentioned that I turned the boat and reversed onto the water point in one simple and effortless move and I even said out loud how good the manoeuvre was; if people had been around the outcome would have been totally different of course.

Our view from the front back down to Napton junction which is where I will turn when we set off again

The view from the back of the boat to the top lock at Calcutt and the water point in the far distance.  All the moored boats on the left are permanent moorings and a few of them are residential.

This is looking out from from the side of the boat over the reservoir

In the afternoon we went for a circular walk via Stockton.  I use an app on my phone called Health and it tells me how far I walk each day.  I’m not entirely convinced by its accuracy as occasionally it seems too high or too low.  Today was one of those days.  We walked for an hour and three quarters, not too fast and not ambling, so I felt it was about five miles.  The app said it was 3.1 miles which is quite a difference.  A lot of the walk was on country roads rather than towpath so I wonder if that makes a difference. 

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