Polelathe on the way to Bristol

Devizes (where all the pubs sell 6X)

We spent a few nights in Devizes and found some quaint places.  My eldest sons Chris and Steve came down for a weekend to help with odd jobs on the boat and enjoy a bit of cruising.  I seem to remember that the Saturday evening was one of those where it seems a great idea to crack open the port.


Wootton Rivers

Unusual dial on this church clock at Wootton Rivers.  



Our good friends, John & Heather, joined us at Pewsey for a long weekend.  We had an unfortunate start on the Saturday morning.  Whilst filling up with water at Pewsey Wharf we heard a massive bang/crash and a white van had hit the side of the canal bridge and flipped over completely blocking the road.  As some of the bridge coping stones had been displaced the police put tape across the canal to stop us travelling until structural engineers arrived and passed it safe.  It was OK as there was a pub on the wharf right next to where we were moored and we weren’t driving anywhere.  When the engineers arrived they just pushed the loose stones into the canal and we were on our way. Would have made the repairers’ job more difficult as they would have had to retrieve the stones first.

We eventually got through and had a pleasant weekend cruising, albeit in a lot of rain, down to a place called Horton.  I believe we had another ‘good idea for port’ nights on the Saturday.  As we had two cars between us we had already stationed one car at the the Bridge inn in Horton to make it easy to go back for the other car once we finished cruising.  When we arrived we couldn’t find the key to the car at the Bridge inn so John and I had to cycle back to his car at Pewsey in the hope we had dropped the keys in his car on on the canal side.  Karen and Heather took refuge in the pub of course. It was rather a long cycle as we had cruised a long way assuming we would be using the cars,  All was OK in the end as I had dropped the keys in John’s car.



We have seen all sorts of boat traders but this guy has been the most interesting.  We bumped into him around Pewsey and he had made a polelathe and carried it on his boat (dismantled) and assembled it on the towpath to turn bowls and plates etc.


Limpley Stoke

My youngest daughter, Polly, joined us for a weekend with two of her friends.  We had a great weekend and found a good ice cream boat and saw our first book swap telephone box.


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