Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Lapworth (the pump out saga continues)

If you read yesterday’s blog you will know that I had fun and games with a self service pump out and also getting water.

On Tuesday I decided to try the pump out again and reversed round the corner to the basin where the services were located.  I had one prepaid service card left so made sure everything was set up right before I started.  I reasoned that the seal where the extractor hose goes into the boat wasn’t air tight so held the hose on tight.  It all started well so I went inside to check – about ¼ of the tank had been emptied so that was good – I went back outside and carried on until the timer was up.

When the pump stopped I checked again and the tank was the same – only ¼ had gone.  It was then that I remembered that I had a rubber grommet that would be ideal for forming the seal but now I had run out of service cards.  Not to worry, a canal shop half way up the Lapworth flight sold them so off Buddy and I went.

Canal shop on the Lapworth flight

Unfortunately it was closed so I rang them up and was told that the shop wasn’t open until March/April when the season starts but if I see a light on I can knock and they should sell me a card.  It was in darkness of course.

Later on I had a phone call, it was Neil from the Canal Shop company which is based in the shop.  The company sells canal paraphernalia on-line and I had bought many plaques over the years and Neil had recognised my number when I had called earlier.  He said I should go back as his mum would be around and sell me a couple of cards (they only had three left).

We walked back up to the shop and as I neared their gate, Neil’s mum appeared.  She had seen us walking up the towpath and came to meet us.  We had a good old chat and then I went back for some lunch.

I decided to leave trying again until Wednesday and just have a good walk in the lovely sunshine in the afternoon.  The birdsong is getting stronger now and it is really beginning to feel like spring.  Saying that, the forecast is predicting frosty days and nights for the next week or so in these parts.

Not a very good shot but we are moored on the right.  Permanent moorings on the left.

You can’t really tell from the shot above but we are in the only spot where there are no trees so  the sun comes through which is what we need to keep the solar panels happy.

I wonder what Wednesday will bring to the pump out saga?

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