Monday, 13 June 2016

Welsh Road (socialising weekend)

On Friday evening Karen and I cycled into Leamington for dinner.  It was the first real opportunity to spend my birthday gift of restaurant vouchers from my four youngest.  We ended up having a bit of a bike race which was slightly unfair on me as none of my gear changers work so I am stuck in the same gear all the time - I had to keep reminding Karen of course.   We had a lovely meal and were able to ride back home before it was too dark.  An advantage of Leamington is that it has cycle routes to the canal and therefore we don’t have to venture onto any roads.

Looking forward to dinner after our cycle race

The rest of the weekend was really busy but most enjoyable.  Well almost all enjoyable but we had to go shopping first thing on Saturday and neither of us enjoy shopping, especially in real shops as opposed to on-line.  We needed to get a few items for the wedding we are going to in a couple of weeks.

In the afternoon my sister, Judith, and Nigel came to visit.  We spent the afternoon on the boat and then walked across the fields to the pub at Offchurch for an early evening drink.  On Sunday morning we walked with them to Leamington station so they could catch a train home and then we met up with Kent friends, Maureen and Garry.  They were up visiting one of their sons who is at Warwick uni.  Coincidentally he lives in a house right next to the Sainsbury’s Local that Buddy and I have been visiting most days since we have been moored at Radford Semele.  We have been passing his front door all that time and never realised.

There was also a chance that we may have met up with other friends from Kent, Trevor and Brigitte, who were on their way back from visiting a son in Manchester but unfortunately the timing didn’t work out. Hopefully we can meet up next time they make the journey.   In the end we had a late lunch at the Hatton Arms with Maureen, Garry and their son Ollie.  The Hatton Arms is a pub at the top of the Hatton flight to the west of Warwick.  We have been through the flight of 21 locks a couple of times but never fancied the look of the pub. We were pleasantly surprised, the food was good and it seemed to be a really popular venue.

We got home around six and decided to move the boat as our 14 days were up.  As soon as we got to the first lock the skies opened and we got soaked.

Karen crossing the bottom gates at lock 22 – Fosse bottom lock

As she was already soaked, Karen walked up to the next lock to get it ready for me

Karen opening a bottom gate at lock 21 – Fosse middle lock

We then stopped at a water point and Karen went in as she had a couple of hours work to do.  Whilst taking on water I cycled back to the car to move it to Welsh Road lock where we were hoping to moor for the next week or so.  The timing was perfect as the tank was just about full when I returned.  As Karen was working I did the next couple of locks on my own.

Approaching lock 20 – Fosse top lock.  The original single width lock is on the left

Tied up in the last lock of the evening - lock 19 - Wood lock

It was about 9.30 by the time we were moored up – one of the latest times we have still been cruising.  There is something extra peaceful about cruising at that time of day though and it was enhanced by the late evening sun coming through the receding storm clouds.

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