Monday, 16 May 2016

Radford Semele (only four miles from work)

We took advantage of the sunny weather on Sunday and cruised a few miles to Radford Semele.  This is just outside Leamington Spa and only four miles to Karen’s work.  As we are moored about five minutes’ walk away from the car, it'll take her as long to get to the car as it does to drive to work!  

In the afternoon we pottered around and Karen re-potted some of her plants.

Using the cratch as a greenhouse

Although a lot of boats had passed us during the morning, by the time we set off there were none around so we locked down alone.

Welsh Road lock – we moored just above here on Saturday night

The locks on this stretch have thick metal chains hanging down the sides.  These can be useful for holding onto but can also damage the side of the boat so they are often pulled up and left at the side of the lock.

Leaving Wood lock.  Chains are oulled up on the left hand side

At Fosse Wharf we went under the Fosse Way.  We had thought of mooring up here for a while but decided the road was too busy even though the parking was easy.

Waiting for boats to leave Fosse Top lock

Coming up to Fosse Middle lock – Fosse Way road bridge is in the background

Getting ready to leave Fosse Bottom lock

We moored up before Radford Top lock in a stretch often used by boaters.   A rope swing has been put up on one of the trees by the towpath with a seat wide enough for two.  We remember having a good laugh using it in winter 2014/5.  There is also a large fire pit where people gather in the evenings if they fancy socialising.

Mist rising when Karen left for work this morning

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