Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Maghull (Wednesday’s no drinking day won’t be)

Lillies on the Leeds & Liverpool reminding us of the Erewash canal near Nottingham

We seem to have been really lucky with the weather since being in the north west – shorts and tee-shirts nearly every day since the beginning of May.  Talking to locals they are also saying it is really unusual but are not complaining 😊

Tuesday morning was no exception, a few clouds came in during the middle of the day but soon disappeared again.  We set off mid-morning to a place called Maghull on the outskirts of Liverpool.  Ron and Jean who had been mooring near us for the last few nights set off at the same time, so we could share the swing bridges.

Ron & Jean following us on their boat Nightingale

I will be able to get an in-focus shot for them tomorrow as we will be cruising into Liverpool together.  It’s not often you get shots of your boat from the front and it reminded me of one of our cruises with Mike & Aileen back in November 2014 when they took this picture of us coming through Tring summit on the GU.

Early morning mist-breakers (our only frontal shot taken by someone else)
Most of the bridges on the Leeds & Liverpool are traditional stone built structures like this one:

Midday clouds rolling in

When we looked at the map in the morning we noticed that we were going through Lollies bridge and we were looking forward to that as we often call Lauren, Lolly.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t one of the traditional bridges but a boxy uninspiring one.

Lollies uninspiring bridge

The cut itself was looking more and more like the Erewash canal although not as clear.  The Erewash is a very clean, clear canal and has mile after mile of water lillies.

Lillies on the Leeds & Liverpool reminding us of the Erewash canal near Nottingham
After 2 ½ miles we moored up for the day and had a wander further along the cut and then spent the rest of the afternoon arranging what we wanted to do in Liverpool for the next week.  We already have (for us) a lot of socialising arranged.  When we arrive tomorrow afternoon it will be Dave (Karen’s cousin) & Barbara’s last night in the docks and we are joining them for a barbecue together with Chris & Aileen.  Chris & Aileen also have a narrowboat and cruise with Dave & Barbara during the summer and they will be leaving on Thursday too. 

My middle son Steve is coming up to stay for a few days too and is hoping to arrive in time to meet the others.  On Sunday, Robert & Jane, who live out in the country near the marina we visited yesterday, are visiting us and no doubt we will get some lunch somewhere 😉

The only drawback of being in the middle of a city is that it’s not much fun for dogs but it’s only for a week.

It’s an early start (for us) at 8 on Wednesday morning as we still have a few swing bridges and a few miles to get through before reaching the end of the Leeds & Liverpool and arriving at the top of the lock flight on the Liverpool Canal Link.  We have to be there by 1.00pm but plan on being earlier so we can grab some lunch before cruising down the flight and through all the various docks alongside the River Mersey.

Our Tuesday night mooring


  1. Reads rather sadly, in retrospect. You do realise that the only reason you are enjoying this unusually good weather is that we are trapped in Surrey doing house clearance and can’t get up to our boat in order to make it rain.

    1. It is - we have felt really sad all day looking at what has happened. Thanks for the weather though.

  2. Think you may be in Liverpool for longer than a week !!