Thursday, 23 March 2017

Preston Bagot (second Cheeky Wednesday of the year)

Well, what a wet day Wednesday was.  It’s hard to recall many days where it just hasn’t stopped at all.  According to my ‘walking’ app we only walked two miles during the day but I don’t think Buddy minded as he was always keen to get back on the boat each time we ventured out.

Buddy wore his coat on the walks we went on during the day as it was so wet

During the day I spent some time putting extra insulation round the cold water tank.  Steve had kindly given me some when we were at the family gathering at the weekend.  Putting on more insulation should help reduce the risk of condensation forming at the front of the boat and the subsequent damp areas in the wardrobes and under the bed.  Reading various canal forums, condensation is one of the top three practical topics discussed by the members.

Just like one day last week, the rain stopped just at sundown.  The clouds rolled away and as the sun finally went down the stars came out and by eight o’clock there was a frost.  The change in temperature caused mist start to rise in the field opposite us.  It was quite eerie watching it roll across the field, hiding the horses, in the dying rays of the sunset.

Unfortunately this picture didn’t do the scene justice at all

We are moored near the Crabmill pub which is part of a Warwickshire group of pubs called ‘Lovely Pubs’.  A bit of a crass name for a pub chain but the venues seem to be OK.  Another one we liked is the Boot in Lapworth.  They serve a good range of food and unlike most modern 'gastro' pubs cater for regular drinkers too. 

We used to go out for a drink most Wednesdays and called them our Cheeky Wednesdays.  For some reason we have stopped doing it this year and realised it was only our second Cheeky Wednesday of 2017.  Maybe we got out of the habit as we avoided pubs in January apart from right at the end when Mike and Lesley joined us for the Hatton Flight.

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