Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Lapworth (one good turn and all that)

We had a frost first thing on Monday morning but the sun soon burned through and I took Buddy for a cycle ride.

Beautiful blue skies on our cycle ride

When we got back I changed the oil in the gearbox and engine and did other odd bits of servicing that were due. 

The marquee men had arrived at 8 in the morning and by lunchtime it was like it had never been there.  

We are now in that between season where we don’t need the stove on during the day but it is still needed to take the chill off in the evenings and keep the boat warm for Karen’s early starts. This means that the stove is no longer burning 24*7 and needs to be relit each evening.  This, in turn, means that kindling is required each day so I spent a happy half hour with my wood chopper making up a bag of kindling.

Later in the afternoon Helen came by on her boat Pipistrelle.  Helen was the kind lady who gave me a large piece of ginger the other day when I realised we had run out and it was a vital ingredient for the curry I was cooking.  Helen is a single hander and as she had helped me out I offered to see her through some of the locks as a thank you.  She was more than happy to accept so Buddy and I had a pleasant half hour or so doing some locking.  

In the evening Karen and I went for the last lesson of the year at our bridge club in Stratford.  We now have to find a club where we can start playing regularly as the open play sessions at Stratford are all during the daytime.  In the meantime, we will play with our friends Ileen and Jo on Monday evenings as we have all got used to Monday nights being bridge night.

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