Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Hatton bottom lock (what would we do without Wifi?)

When I moored up at the junction with the Saltisford arm on Monday I forgot about the strange phenomenon with broadband in that spot.  There are a lot of office buildings around and it seems that when they shut up for the day, at around 6 o’clock, we lose our mobile broadband.  I know that sounds absurd but that is what happens. 
As we are going to be here a while and also have no TV signal I thought I should reverse back to below the bottom lock on the Hatton flight.  I know it’s only a few hundred yards, but the internet signal doesn’t seem to fail there.

The cold snap meant we were iced in so first I walked along with the barge pole breaking the ice by the towpath so that our trip would be easier especially as it was going to be in reverse.  Goodness knows what the people looking out of the office windows at me thought I was doing - but it kept them amused.

Poor old Buddy thought we were going for a cruise and couldn’t understand quite what was going on, but he sat on the back as is his want, but looking backwards so he had a better view than usual 😊

We moored up where we were a couple of weeks ago and went for a walk up the flight.  The pounds were all frozen over and, with the water flow and wind, there were some interesting patterns on the ice.  My phone camera isn’t really up to it, so you can’t really see but you probably get the idea.

Work had started at lock #31 since we were last up here; the top lock gates and cill are being repaired.  Looking down at the lock the hoist for lifting the gates was already in place across the lock.



Contraption put around the balance beam to help raise the gate for repair  

We did get some snow during the day but only about an inch, so hardly disruptive.  As I sit here writing this morning I see it is snowing again, but I can see there are blue skies on the way too.  

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