Monday, 30 October 2017

Lapworth Bridge 31 (another masterclass on our cruise)

Our Sunday evening mooring

After a windy Saturday night, Sunday dawned calm and bright.  Karen and I were going up the next nine locks on the Lapworth flight and ended up being the first boat on the move even though we didn’t set off until 11.  It didn’t take up much more than an hour as we get into a good rhythm on these narrow width locks with short pounds.  Karen gets the next two locks set whilst I operate the lock with the boat in.  Mind you, she has a fair bit of walking as she also goes back to close up the lock I have just left.  When the pounds are longer we work the same way but I close up each lock as I leave it.

We set off with coats on but it wasn’t long before we discarded them

Karen stepping across the lock to get the opposite gate open in time

There were lots of walkers out so we had plenty of gongoozlers.  Sunday is a popular day for family walks, especially when it can end in a pub lunch.  The Boot, where we had moored on Saturday night, always seems to be packed with eaters.

My family always take the mickey out of me when I appear to be giving masterclasses and Karen spotted an ideal opportunity when a group of walkers stopped to ask me to explain how locks work 😉

Me showing the group what a windlass does

We have always liked the lock cottage at the penultimate lock of the day.  It is one of the few houses in Lapworth where the sound of the M40 cannot be heard.  Apologies, but I probably always include a picture of it when we go up or down this flight.  Karen suggested that if we see the owners that we should register our interest if they ever come to sell it!

After nine locks we moored up and then walked back down to the village to retrieve the car.

Our mooring for Sunday night and probably all week

The house opposite always fascinates us as they have high hedges all the way round – we find it odd that someone would buy a house on a canal and then hide it from view – it takes all sorts.

Walking back to the car we saw five boats on the move.  We had been lucky as we hadn’t seen a single boat when we came up.  We parked in a layby by bridge 31 which will be an ideal spot for Chris and Sue to park when they visit on Friday – assuming we haven’t had to move for water before then 😉

This should be enough for our visitors to find us
The sun was quite warm in sheltered spots and there was a Red Admiral flying around outside the boat for a while in the late afternoon sun.  Karen spotted it first and it looked a really fresh specimen.  I trust it roosted somewhere sheltered as a frost was forecast for Sunday night.

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