Thursday, 3 August 2017

Fenny Compton (nothing to report other than police interviews)

Well, my back hasn’t improved over the last couple of days so I have been resting it as much as possible. I’ve probably only walked about ½ mile since Monday but Buddy still seems quite accepting.  I don’t watch television so I have spent my time reading and doing a great many logic puzzles.

That’s why I’ve nothing to report other than some drama that started yesterday.   There was a knock on the door at about midday and I answered it to two uniformed policemen.  They questioned me about my movements since arriving on Monday morning and whether I had seen or heard anything unusual.  The only odd thing to report had been a boat going past extremely fast at about six on Wednesday morning.  It had been so fast that the boat rocked a lot and caused drawers to open and some items to fall over.  This always freaks Buddy as he really cowers when he hears anything metallic.

The policemen wouldn’t say what they were investigating other than they were gathering facts for an incident.  The two boats moored in front of me seemed to be ccers like us and were here when I arrived on Monday.  All other boats that have stopped at Fenny have been holidaymakers, either stopping for lunch and moving on, or staying overnight with a visit to the Wharf pub.  I had waved at the owners of both boats – both guys – but not struck up a conversation other than one of them said his dog was old and he tends to keep him on a lead.

Incident room on the towpath

During the afternoon, I walked up to the pub to drop off some rubbish and a forensic team had arrived in their white suits.  Buddy was a bit upset that they wouldn’t make a fuss of him!  A bit later on two plain clothes detectives came down to ask more questions but they still wouldn’t say what had happened. 

I don’t want to conjecture but I hope it was something like a drugs raid and not something serious where someone has been hurt.  It does seem serious though as the police were there all night – every time we got up we could see them moving in the tent as it was brightly lit – and they are still there this morning.

On a lighter note, our jalapeƱos are starting to bear fruit.

It’s going to be another day of rest today and we will take the weekend easy as well.  We were having visitors but we have had to put them off until my back has recovered.

Oh, in case any of you were wondering, I talked with CRT and they are happy we stay on these moorings until my back recovers.  The stretch where we are moored is for permit holding permanent moorers only, i.e. those that have bought a mooring here.  There is room for about four boats but we have never seen any here when we have come through before and we are still the only boat tied up here this week.

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