Monday, 5 June 2017

Astwood (taking it easy for three days)

On Friday morning Karen and I walked Buddy up to Tardebigge to look for spots to moor before we go up the flight in four weeks’ time.  It was a warm and sunny start to the day and, although light rain was forecast, we went in shorts and tee shirts without any wet weather gear.

After about three miles we got to the bottom of the Tardebigge flight of locks and then it started raining.  It looked like it would pass quickly so we turned around to walk back to the boat.  Suddenly it started coming down very hard so we ran back to the bottom lock where there are large trees and sheltered there for a while. 
Hardly light rain

After about 15 minutes, when it seemed it would never stop, it got harder and the water started coming through the leaf and ivy canopy that was protecting us.  We got to the stage where we were so wet that we may as well walk in it, so we did.  Poor old Buddy wasn’t impressed and hung back under bridges.

As it was lunchtime we popped into the Navigation, a canal side pub, which fortunately allowed dogs in.  It was still warm and we sat outside under their veranda to dry off.

Wet Buddy not impressed we are having a drink

When we got back the sun came out for the rest of the day so we just lazed around outside the boat.

We went for a shorter walk on Saturday morning and this time only got a little bit wet.  We were more sensible and had our wet weather gear in our backpacks though.  In the afternoon Judith and Nigel arrived and we sat outside until early evening having a good catch up.  It wasn’t quite warm enough to stay outside for dinner so we retired inside.  It reminded me once again that we need to stock up on wood for our fire pit so we can stay outside on the chillier evenings.

On Sunday morning, we all went for the same walk Karen and I did on Saturday with the intention of popping into the Eagle and Sun for a pint on our way back.  This is another canal side pub and at the junction of the Worcester & Birmingham and Droitwich Junction canals.

Once again it was raining so we went in the pub to see if dogs were allowed but they weren’t.  We could have sat under an umbrella in the garden but the pub was awful; people were queuing up inside to get their food – it reminded us of queuing up for school lunches.  We decided to walk back past the boat and try the Boat & Railway, yet another canal side pub.  This was fine, a drinkers’ pub, but everyone was friendly so we had a quick drink.

Judith and Nigel left when we got back and, yet again, we lazed around for the rest of the day doing an odd job or two.

Basically, a weekend of sun, rain, walks, pubs and sitting around on the bank.

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