Monday, 24 April 2017

Stratford on Avon (Karen lost the car)

My back going into spasm last Monday has rather limited our movements over the last few days.  Each day has been a round of lying down with an ice pack followed by a brief walk and repeat.

It hasn’t bothered Buddy that he has been unable to go on long walks as he has also been poorly for some of the time too and didn’t eat for two days.  In fact, when Karen took him for walks on her own to give him the chance of going further, he wasn’t bothered about going too far.

Karen’s view of our mooring as she walked to the car early on Thursday morning before the tourists arrived

Things took a turn for the better on Saturday as we found some old strong painkillers so I took a couple.  Our doctor son, Matthew, did say that two of them would make him pass out and I must admit I was out of it for the day.  It did mean though that my body relaxed so the spasm subsided somewhat.

Buddy trying to steal a branch on one of our mini walks

We went to get water on Sunday which entailed a cruise of about 100 yards but it did mean Karen had to turn the boat round first which can be a bit tricky with so many rowing and trip boats on this part of the river.

Our new mooring at the other end of the RSC theatre

Bugle growing next to the boat

On Sunday evening Judith and Nigel popped in to see us on their way back from a weekend in Yorkshire.  It was nice to have a catch up and the weather was kind enough to sit outside (or stand for those with bad backs).  Nigel had hurt his back too so he was having to take it easy as well.

As we are still in Stratford, Karen left the car at a friend’s house over the weekend to avoid the car parking charges.  During the week it’s OK as most places are free between 6.00pm and 8.00am.  Anyway, on Monday morning I had a call from her at 6 o’clock saying she couldn’t find the car.  She had had to walk down the river, over a footbridge and then into a maze of houses in Stratford Old Town to our friend’s house but had somehow got lost.  To make matters worse it was raining but she retraced her steps and found it in the end.

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