Saturday, 1 April 2017

Edstone (what a strange place to put that)

I often mention that we see lots of buzzards around Warwickshire.  Usually we hear their plaintive mewing first before seeing them soaring around in the skies.  I’ve yet to get a decent picture of a buzzard even though I’ve seen them sitting in trees quite close to me.  It seems I’m doomed to photographing them when they're gliding around.

Clearly an iPhone is not the best camera  - believe me, there are three buzzards up there

Thursday was much the better day of the last two days and I was hoping to see freshly emerged Holly Blue and Orange Tip butterflies out on my walks but no such luck.

Our home in Thursday’s sun

One of our walks on Friday took us past the marina that is being built at Wootton Wawen. It was deserted with no workmen to be seen, just like last Friday, so maybe they don’t work on Fridays.

Deserted part-constructed marina

Three boats came by on Friday which made it feel really busy.  One boat was moored above the lock half a mile behind us and I got talking to the two chaps who had hired it.  They were at the end of their two week holiday together and had really enjoyed it of course.  Buddy had a good play with their dogs whilst we were discussing their options for their last two days of their holiday.

A good view of Edstone aqueduct with the lock in the far distance

On Friday afternoon I came across a Victorian post box.  I may have mentioned that I ‘collect’ Victorian post boxes by taking pictures of them and their surroundings.  This one was in a most peculiar place – in a lane with no houses around at all.

What an odd place to have a post box
When I told Karen about it she thought it was so sweet that she wants to write a letter over the weekend and post it there!  The manufacturer's inscription at the bottom says, 'W T Allen & Co'.  This foundry was in London and they made post boxes at the latter end of the Queen's reign between 1881 and 1901.  I would love to know the history of why it was placed where it is.

The VR indicates Victoria's reign

The final boat to come past on Friday was a couple that Karen and I have met a few times before.  They live on their boat too and travel the system.  We first met them in Market Harborough, then Manchester and then at Braunston.  Although we always have a chat and a catch up we are unable to remember each other’s names.  Although a bit strange, it is quite common and boaters often refer to people by their boat names, e.g. Karen may say to me, ‘Do you remember Green Dragon lady?’

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