Saturday, 18 February 2017

Lapworth (where are the ducks when you have spare peas?)

I only took one picture yesterday even though we found a new walk!  Whilst Karen paid a visit to the local hairdressers Buddy and I had a mini-trip to the water point.  I know we only got water the other day but part of the spring cleaning has involved quite a lot of washing this week so we must keep topped up.

Buddy on guard at the water point as usual

Friday was clearing out freezer day amongst other things.  We had a surplus of peas but managed to eat everything else over the last couple of weeks.  Apparently peas are better for ducks than bread so I thought I would share the excess with them on Saturday morning.   For some strange reason there have been no ducks to be seen this morning but I'll keep looking for them.

Karen and I plan to have a cruise today – more on that later!


  1. I tried feeding peas to ducks last year. The ducklings loved them, but the adults were not interested. I guess that after years of being fed bread, they have forgotten what proper food looks like!

    1. I suspect you're right. SOme ducks did appear but they weren't particularly interested in the peas