Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Lapworth (our final few days here)

We have been moored in the Lapworth Link for over a week now so will have to move on soon as our two weeks will be up.  We’ve really liked this spot; it’s quite unusual to moor near boaters’ facilities and still have a peaceful time.  Usually lots of boats seem to congregate where there is easy access to facilities which can make it seem really busy.  There are a few boats around, apart from us, but they are on permanent moorings in a little basin near us.  Most of the boats seem to be residential, and as is usual, all the people we’ve met have been really friendly and helpful with local advice.

Monday is traditionally washing day so once it was all finished it was time for a quick reverse round the corner to top up the water tank.

Setting off under clear blue skies on Monday morning

After taking on water I took all our belongings off the roof and gave the boat a good scrub and hose down.  It never comes up clean when just one of us does the job but it had got so dirty that it was definitely worth doing.

Even though it was a windy day, it was very spring-like as I believe it was across most of the country.  In the afternoon Buddy and I found a good circular walk involving yet another unclassified country road and in the evening Karen and I went to our Monday bridge lessons in Stratford.

When we move off from here we will be heading down the South Stratford canal.  It is only 13 miles to the centre of Stratford but there are 34 locks to descend.

Looking at this map of our route , you can see that Karen's office (in the red circle) will be easily accessible wherever we moor on the route.  It ldoesn't look like it will ever be more than ten miles away either which is good news too.

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