Friday, 27 January 2017

Leamington (wimped out by lunchtime)

Buddy and I set off on Thursday morning not sure of how far we were going but I knew we needed to stop in Leam to get a couple of parsnips for dinner that I forgot to buy on the weekly shop on Monday.

Getting the first lock of the day ready – Radford bottom lock

Buddy waiting patiently for me to go into the lock

As we came out of the lock we passed Blair and Liz so I pulled up against their boat for a quick chat.  After moving off and then passing the Radford winter moorings I saw a tree across the cut.  As I got closer I saw that there was still room to pass – when I first saw it I was coming out of a bend so couldn’t see right across to the towpath side - I doubt if a full wide beam would get through though.

Fallen tree not quite blocking the navigation

I contacted CRT to report the obstruction and then carried on.  Just before we reached the outskirts of Leam we passed Matt and SinĂ©ad on their boats so I stopped to have a chat with them before moving on.  They agreed that it felt very cold even though there was no frost – the chill wind seemed to reduce the temperature by a good few degrees.

On the way into Leam a lot of residential roads run down to the canal and two always come to mind as we walked along both on one of our explorations around the town.

A typical street lined with two up/two down terraced houses.
The very next street has these rather grand houses, many of which have swimming pools in the rear gardens that are larger than the footprint of two or three of the terraced houses

Grander houses in the next street
The route into Leam is not the prettiest compared with some towns.

Approaching Leam from the east – not really the Regency buildings associated with the town

Once we had cruised through the town centre we moored up on the west side of town outside Lidl and I went indoors for lunch (the boat not Lidl!).  Over lunch I decided that we should stay here for the day and then cruise to Warwick on Friday (when it shouldn’t feel so cold as the wind is due to die down); we want to be at the far side of Warwick ready to go up the Hatton flight with Mike and Lesley who are joining us on Saturday.

Moored outside Lidl for lunch and, as it turned out, the rest of the day

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