Sunday, 22 January 2017

Bascote (strange response from Warwickshire district council)

On Saturday we moved to a lovely spot below the Bascote flight

You may remember that in the last blog entry I mentioned that we took ourselves for a tour around some of the historical sites of Leamington.  We had a look at, what we were told at the visitor information centre, were Leamington’s oldest houses.  Despite all the research before and afterwards we were unable to find out when they were built so I wrote to the district council.  Their response came through within two hours but they said, Sadly, the exact age of these houses is not known as no records were kept/exist from that time.”  Strange that they know they are the oldest houses.

With cold weather forecast for the coming week we thought we ought to fill up with water in case we’re frozen in for a while.  As it was such a glorious day we decided we would then cruise on down the Bascote flight and moor either there or at Welsh Road lock.  We have always wanted to moor at the bottom of the flight where there is room for just one boat but every time we have been the spot has always been taken by another one of the local continuous cruisers.  

First we went for a walk down the flight and then on to Welsh Road lock and saw both places were empty and, with the ice on the canal, they were likely to stay empty so we set off once we were back.

Taking on water at Bascote

I had a chat with Ade and Nessie whilst filling up with water.  They both live on boats that are permanently moored by the water point.  Buddy loves it when we see Nessie as she has a three year old black Labrador called Daisy and they play really well together.  Mind you, the first time we all met, Daisy ended up in the water because they were being too exuberant.

The canal was still iced over but it wasn’t very thick so we decided to carry on after filling up with water.  Our alternative had been to reverse back to where we have been moored for the past few days.

Karen took a windlass and set off with Buddy to get the top lock set

The top lock is a staircase lock but is only a short one, just two locks.  Karen had got it all set by the time I arrived.  The top lock has to be full and the bottom one empty.  I then take the boat into the top lock and Karen then empties the water into the bottom lock.

In the top lock and Karen starting to let the water out into the bottom lock of the staircase

In the bottom of the staircase, once the water has been let out, waiting for the gate to open

Climbing down to get the boat at the bottom of the flight

‘Our’ spot was still empty so we moored up for the day – see photo at the top.  Saturday night was the coldest we have had up here this winter but, to be honest, we have had a pretty mild winter so far really.

It seems that the south east has had colder weather to date but they have had lovely clear skies.  It doesn’t look like we’ll be travelling today but it gives us a chance to have a good walk.

Frozen in on Sunday morning

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