Thursday, 8 December 2016

Flecknoe (mystery solved)

Minor obstacle at a stile on Wednesday’s circular walk

Tuesday lived up to the forecast of being grey and murky all day so I stayed put at Flecknoe, just venturing out for a couple of walks.

Murky Tuesday

It was another quiet day as far as people were concerned; I only met Ian who was outside his boat, Thor, cutting up logs.  We keep bumping into each other as we cover similar areas.  He mainly cruises up and down between Cropredy and Rugby.  I keep meaning to get down to Cropredy and Banbury as it is in easy reach of Warwick for Karen.  Maybe after we visit Stratford in the new year.

It was so murky that the solar LED lights came on early.

Wednesday started bright and windy.  I was going to go for a cruise but decided to take advantage of the weather and get some washing done; a great day for drying bedclothes.  As I was hanging out the first load of washing, Geoff, the local Enforcement Officer (EO) stopped to chat.

I had been meaning to find out how the daily logistics of an EO works as they cover a patch of at least ten miles each day, by foot.  At the end of their patch they don’t turn round and walk back again so I have often wondered how they get home.  Geoff explained that two or more of them will go to a point in a van and drop off the first EO; ten miles further on they drop of the next and so on.  The last EO leaves the van at the start of his patch and when the previous EO reaches the van he then picks all the others up.

I worked out a circular walk for the afternoon and set off for Braunston.

Bridge 99 on the way to Braunston

The Puddle Banks on the approach to Braunston – no boats moored today but would be jam packed in the summer

From reading the different boating forums I would suggest that the majority (well, the majority who speak on forums) lean to the left as far as politics is concerned.

Not sure about this guy we passed today though

When we left the towpath to walk across a field we were confronted by some cattle.  They were really friendly and allowed me to stroke them but I could not shoo them away as they were too friendly.  Buddy doesn’t like cows and tries to run away and pull off his lead so there was no way we could continue.  Buddy did calm down and let some sniffing go on but we still had to turn round.

Getting friendlier but Buddy still not happy

Karen is up in Edinburgh for work until Thursday night so I suspect I’ll end up cruising on Thursday so she’ll have somewhere new to come home to.  Unfortunately she couldn’t time things so she could meet up with daughter Jo whilst she was up there.

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