Friday, 16 September 2016

Rugeley (good for supermarkets but that’s about it)

Thursday dawned really misty and any early boats that went past us had their headlights on.  We were in a gaggle of eight boats moored together last night at Kings Bromley.  It’s a good quiet spot with Armco to moor against and a couple of places to park a car in the lane.  By 9.30 all the boats had left apart from us and it was back to how we’ve always remembered this spot when cruising past – empty and peaceful.

Buddy and I had a longish walk in the morning and then had lunch before setting off for Rugeley.  A nice easy cruise with no locks.  The willows at this time of year hang right into the water and this was especially noticeable as we went through Handsacre.

Can’t really see ahead here

I remembered that there are quite a few blind spots on this section which is usually OK as Karen would normally go ahead.  There is one long narrow section where you have to send a crew member on ahead to stop any boats coming the other way but I couldn’t make Buddy understand.  I did moor up and walk down to have a look and set off as it looked all clear.

Narrow section that used to be a tunnel before it started collapsing and it was removed completely
This modern road bridge creates a real blind spot but again, no one was coming the other way.  Well, they were but as I was in there first they reversed out.

At one particular blind bend some helpful fishermen waved that it was all clear and I took it on myself to trust them.  Soon, the familiar sight of Rugeley power station came into view and I knew we were nearly there.

Rugeley power station

We moored in our usual spot at Rugeley – right next to Tesco and then went for a walk to find where Karen could leave the car for the night.

Usual mooring spot at Rugeley

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