Monday, 20 June 2016

Welsh Road (weekend away from the boat)

There was a brief respite from the rain on Friday so Buddy and I went for a bike ride.  There were very few butterflies around but I did manage to find a male Large Skipper that had freshly emerged.
Face on, the Large Skipper doesn’t look too much like a butterfly

Large Skippers are only  just over an inch across and can easily be mistaken for moths when in flight

I mentioned before about the lack of kingfisher sightings in this area recently.  Our birder friend, John on his boat Nuthatch, reminded me that the females will be sitting on nests at the moment so won’t be flying.  Obvious if I had thought about it.  Talking about birds, a pair of Greater Spotted Woodpeckers  keep landing on a fence opposite us but I’ve yet to get a decent picture.

Catherine came to stay over on Friday evening and on Saturday morning we set off to Steve and Amanda’s house in West Sussex for what is called the annual FAM-Fest.  We get as many of the children together as possible for the weekend and Steve and Amanda play perfect hosts.
On the way down we stopped off to see Karen’s mum, Ann.  We use Ann’s address as our residential address so had lots of mail to pick up.  

We had hoped that the internal fit out would have started on our new boat last week but the shell is still stuck at Aintree Boats in Liverpool.  The hydraulic stacker that lifts boats onto transporter lorries is still out of action so more delay is occurring before the shell will arrive at the boat yard where it will be fitted out.  We are now looking towards the end of September for final delivery assuming things get moving this week.

Four boats had moored behind us when we got home on Sunday evening.  Normally any boats who moor here overnight are on their way again early in the morning.  But sitting here at the laptop this morning all I can here is constant heavy rain so I’ll  be surprised if any of our new neighbours will be in a hurry to move on any time soon.

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